6502 Basic Usage

The 6502 command takes some arguments that control how it functions. Each flag is documented here. Note that only UNIX style flags are supported, not GNU style. This uses the standard getopt() function, so flags work the same as any UNIX command.


Opens a GUI debugger window.


Opens a window that shows the emulators screen. Cannot be used in conjunction with -g.


Keep the emulator running after the CPU halts (after an interrupt is triggered). Useful for debugging short programs. Does nothing when used with -D.


Disassemble the input file, printing the whole disassembly to stdout. You probably want to use this with -n


Run the input file. Can be used in conjunction with -s to run and display the output.


Open CLI debugger. Can be used with -s to view screen while debugging.

-i input

Read input into the CPUs memory.

-n number_of_instructions

Disassemble only number_of_instructions instructions.

-h, -?

Print a help message.