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Welcome to the REFAL Cookbook! This wiki is meant to be a collaborative guide to REFAL. If you see something that's missing, please feel free to edit this page and add it. The Cookbook is inspired by similarly named guides for other languages, like the Ruby Cookbook and Common Lisp Cookbook. Just like those books, the REFAL Cookbook should be divided into small, self-contained "recipes" — small, useful examples of how to use REFAL. These can (and should) cover the main language, its tooling, IDE, etc.

The Cookbook does assume a basic understanding of how REFAL works (you should know what symbols and functions are, etc) but you don't need to have ever written REFAL code before to start reading the Cookbook.

Installing REFAL


Since the REFAL IDE has not reached a stable 1.0 release yet, no binaries are available. This means that to use it, you must compile it from source code:

  1. Download the source code from Github
  2. Download and install Qt
  3. Once Qt is installed, open the file in Qt Creator
  4. Click the Run button or press Ctrl-R to launch the IDE